Two Moms + a Mic

--- Cory Briggs & Jennifer Dodson ---

Two suburban moms of eight, surviving the joys of mid-life while simultaneously raising teens in the modern world. Our style is unscripted, real, sometimes hilariously raw banter about our personal experiences. We strive to create a community for parents by sharing our chaos and never-ending epic fails on raising teens in today's society with a bit of humor, a shot of whiskey, and lessons learned.

Brought to you by Cory Briggs & Jennifer Dodson of Two Moms + a Mic

Latest Episodes…

  1. E3. We are not crying, you are crying. No, wait…it is actually us.

    Crying in front of kids or while hiding in the bathroom is inevitable unless you are taking mommy pills. ...


  2. E2. Go the f**k back to school

    We just survived the longest damn summer ever + are here to swear about it. ...


  3. E1. Raw Intro

    We poured our drinks and pressed record. the episode didn't suck, so we released it.   #podcastvirgins ...