Two Moms + a Mic

--- Cory Briggs & Jennifer Dodson ---

Two suburban moms of eight, surviving the joys of mid-life while simultaneously raising teens in the modern world. Our style is unscripted, real, sometimes hilariously raw banter about our personal experiences. We strive to create a community for parents by sharing our chaos and never-ending epic fails on raising teens in today's society with a bit of humor, a shot of whiskey, and lessons learned.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. E31. Kids That F#@KING Swear

      Dodson is a potty mouth and her kids are too. Briggs says "no swearing" but she doesn't really mean it.   #bitchinandbourbon #dumptruck #dumbfuck #wearmasks #kidsdontknowshit #dodsonwoowoofreak #joineby #empoweredbyyou #seamless   We'd like to thank our amazing sponsors for this episode, EBY ...


  2. E30. Is School Even a Thing Anymore?

    The moms share perspectives on alternative education, defend teachers and do their best to stay sober while surviving the start of a Covid-19 school year.Last year was "Go to f*ck back to school". This year is "Stay sober and fine. It's fine. We're fine. Everything's fine."#wearenotfine #marypoppins #misshannigan ...


  3. E29. Low Key, Hauntings + a Moose Chasing

    Dodson nearly pisses herself as Briggs recounts her New Hampshire haunted excursion…made complete with a moose chasing. The moms also hit on the topic of alternative education.#lowkey #quaranTEEN #stoptraveling #hauntthis #alternativeeducation   This episode is sponsored by:   LetsGetChecked: Women's At Home Health and Wellness Tests ...


  4. E28. Cracking A Toe out of Quarantine

    The moms really need to learn to stop taking road trips during a pandemic.Haircuts in Texas. Seven hour lines at the DMV. Protesting teens, and our apologies to Oklahoma.#imfine #shitskillet #stayhome #askingforadamnfriend   This Two Moms Episode is sponsored by:   Swanson Vitamins Visit  ...


  5. E27. QuaranTEEN [Replay]

    Life is weird and quaranTEEN is even weirder.The moms released this episode again as a moment of reflection.Keep raising those glasses! Cheers!#quaranteen #bourbon #keepyourheadup Use Promo Code TWOMOMS30 for 30% off of your first LetsGetChecked home female hormone test! LetsGetChecked is now offering At-home ...