Two Moms + a Mic

--- Cory Briggs & Jennifer Dodson ---

Two suburban moms of eight, surviving the joys of mid-life while simultaneously raising teens in the modern world. Our style is unscripted, real, sometimes hilariously raw banter about our personal experiences. We strive to create a community for parents by sharing our chaos and never-ending epic fails on raising teens in today's society with a bit of humor, a shot of whiskey, and lessons learned.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. E33. Courageous Conversation Part 2: Explicit Music

    The Moms host their friend Stevenson, also known as Chicago's DJ diasfunK, to discuss the culture of parenting today as it relates to explicit lyrics.You can find diasfunK on Twitter @7inchesofsound, Instagram @the7inchesofsound and on Twitch!Today's episode was sponsored by Eby Seamless Underwear and ...


  2. E32. The WTF Show

    The moms share a few of their recent and most vivid WTF moments. Briggs fashions melasma and face mask stains. Dodson fashions hot pink pants and the ability to handle endless judgement. Both moms nearly piss themselves laughing.   #melasma #wtf #masks #stfu #judgement #jaguar #bitchinbourbon #reallyraw #pissyoself #jasonderulo ...


  3. E31. Kids That F#@KING Swear

      Dodson is a potty mouth and her kids are too. Briggs says "no swearing" but she doesn't really mean it.   #bitchinandbourbon #dumptruck #dumbfuck #wearmasks #kidsdontknowshit #dodsonwoowoofreak #joineby #empoweredbyyou #seamless   We'd like to thank our amazing sponsors for this episode, EBY ...


  4. E30. Is School Even a Thing Anymore?

    The moms share perspectives on alternative education, defend teachers and do their best to stay sober while surviving the start of a Covid-19 school year.Last year was "Go to f*ck back to school". This year is "Stay sober and fine. It's fine. We're fine. Everything's fine."#wearenotfine #marypoppins #misshannigan ...


  5. E29. Low Key, Hauntings + a Moose Chasing

    Dodson nearly pisses herself as Briggs recounts her New Hampshire haunted excursion…made complete with a moose chasing. The moms also hit on the topic of alternative education.#lowkey #quaranTEEN #stoptraveling #hauntthis #alternativeeducation   This episode is sponsored by:   LetsGetChecked: Women's At Home Health and Wellness Tests ...