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--- Cory Briggs & Jennifer Dodson ---

Two suburban moms of eight, surviving the joys of mid-life while simultaneously raising teens in the modern world. Our style is unscripted, real, sometimes hilariously raw banter about our personal experiences. We strive to create a community for parents by sharing our chaos and never-ending epic fails on raising teens in today's society with a bit of humor, a shot of whiskey, and lessons learned.

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    Briggs and Dodson both literally fall down, but optimism and wit are high when it comes to their teens driving automobiles. After all, bikes and roller skates only get you so far and Uber rides are clearly confusing. #fallandrise#brakeforgeese#dontbrakeforsquirrels#nospeeding#getajob#coexist We want to give a big SHOUT OUT ...


  2. E42: Puberty: Smells Like Onions, Neglect, and Dirty Socks (Replay)

    The Moms tackle the taboo subject of puberty with an overdose of honesty. #teensreek #moonparty #onionsmell #tampons #podcorn #gemmist Thank you to our amazing sponsors for this episode: Reel Paper is a paper product brand that makes tree-free products made from 100% bamboo. They use all plastic-free, biodegradeable materials and provide FREE home delivery! ...


  3. E41: Embarrass(ed)(ing) MILF's

    Is it a compliment, or an insult to be called a MILF? Hell if we know. All we know is that we are amazingly expert at embarrassing our teens. We'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors for this episode, Reel Paper and Smile Brilliant! Use the link below to try out Smile Brilliant ...


  4. E40: Teenage Birthdays

    Briggs and Dodson talk about how they manage the teen birthdays in their families...even when they are much too cool to celebrate.   We'd like to thank our sponsors for this episode, Podcorn and Reel Paper! Podcorn is a marketplace connecting podcasters of all sizes to wonderful sponsorship opportunities. There is no middle ...


  5. E39: Two Moms and a Rock Star

    The moms sit down with rock legend, Jim Peterik to talk about parenting, music lyrics, and what it was like for him to become a dad while living rock stardom life.   #survivor #goldenchild #eyeofthetiger #welovejim#podcorn #gemmist Thank you to our amazing sponsors for this episode: Podcorn is a marketplace connecting podcasters of all ...