Two Moms + a Mic

--- Cory Briggs & Jennifer Dodson ---

Two suburban moms of eight, surviving the joys of mid-life while simultaneously raising teens in the modern world. Our style is unscripted, real, sometimes hilariously raw banter about our personal experiences. We strive to create a community for parents by sharing our chaos and never-ending epic fails on raising teens in today's society with a bit of humor, a shot of whiskey, and lessons learned.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep.14 The LOVE Show

    Don't shit on the things we love. #duffmckagen #notrkelly #GOAT #selflove #bourbon ...


  2. E13. Crusty Spaghetti

    We have a love, hate relationship with our kids in the kitchen.We love their independence, and we HATE the crusty dishes.#cleanyourshitup #freedomsmells ...


  3. E12. Damn These Holidays

    Turkey absolutely belongs in the kitchen pipes and Santa is real. ...


  4. E11. Hangovers + Disrespect

    One of us is hungover,  and both of us are stumbling over the challenging concepts of rebellion and disrespect.  ...


  5. E10. Piercings + Menstruation

    Vodka is a suitable alcohol for piercing your nose and tampons without strings are awful. ...